1st Model

The MM01's Design

The clearly visible patterns are a specialty of Aran sweaters. The MM01 features a cable pattern consisting of six intertwined ropes. Two of the cable patterns appear on the front, two on the back and one on each arm, for a total of 6.The MM01 has only a few patterns other than the six cables: a traditional “tree of life” pattern and some simple verticle lines. Comparing with the original sweaters made on the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland, the patterns of the MM01 are quite modest. Please take your time to look over these sweaters. MM01 is a delicate mix of traditional patterns and a stylishly modern look – truly an Aran Cardigan as designed by Mariko Mikuni.



The MM01 is made-to-order

Each MM01 cardigan is made-to-order, knitted by one of our Kesennuma knitters upon receipt of your body measurements. You can send us measurements by mail or, for reference, you can send us a sweater that is the perfect fit. It is also possible to measure you here in Kesennuma. Due to the complicated design, the MM01 takes at least one month to finish.We hope you can enjoy the anticipation as you look forward to the sweater's arrival.

The MM01's buttons

The buttons used in the MM01 are made of oak. The warmth of the wood goes especially well with the soft texture of hand-knit items.

The MM01's pockets

The two pockets are casually located on the right and left sides of the front. They’re especially cute in the way they blend in with the patterns around them. Have you thought what you might want to put in them?

The MM01's color

You may choose your favorite color from 7 colors for your MM01. Each color has its own attractive personality, so it's fun to imagine which one would fit you best. Please make a choice at the time of ordering.
Color examples are.

<See of Spring>




The MM01's original woolen yarn

Each MM01 is knitted using original woolen yarn specially produced in collaboration with AVRIL, a woolen yarn shop located in Kyoto.

MM01 information

JPY176,000 (incl. tax; shipping fees will be added.)
How to order:
You may place an order by email. Please contact us at store@knitting.co.jp
Please be noted that MM01 has a waiting list now. It might take more than 2 years to star to knit your MM01 from your order. Regarding MM01, payment is not requested when you place an order. You will be asked for payment when your MM01 would be ready to be knitted.